Gathering of the Eagles

July 31 - Aug 2

Developing a Healthy Regional Prophetic Community


Here at ProphetU, we are a developing a relational community of highly prophetic people, prophets and prophetesses. 


We believe that we are better together, and we’re creating a space in the Texas region (and beyond) to help prophetic people thrive, grow and emerge. 


If you’ve been looking for ways to develop your prophetic and revelatory giftings, you’ve just found your people.  Our goal is to provide you with development, validation and opportunities for growth.  Join us and accelerate into new dimensions in your prophetic journey!

Find Your Tribe
Find Your Tribe

Our Core Values


Healthy Relationships

You are not alone!  This is a place for relationship and connection with highly prophetic people.  We have deep levels of experience with developing a prophetic lifestyle in business, in local churches, in families and in personal relationships.


We offer a world-class curriculum through our friend and partner, Keith Ferrante.  Keith has developed an immersive training program called Emerging Prophets.  This nine month training series provides a safe, healthy environment to help you explore and accelerate new facets of your prophetic gifting.


We are all called to different circles of influence, and there are many different types of prophets.  We offer on-line training modules, weekly conference calls, in-depth homework challenges and regional gathering events to help you discover the sphere of influence you are called to.

Character Development

We create an open, transparent environment where inspired coaching and feedback is provided to emerging prophetic people.  Mature, healthy prophets make positive impact on their sphere of influence, and shift environments into a Kingdom connection.

A joyful lifestyle

Hope, laughter, peace and joy are hallmarks of a true prophetic lifestyle.  We celebrate the journey of personal development and laugh along the way!


Benefits and Bonuses

  • Training in Community of Like-Minded, Like Gifted Believers

  • Explore avenues to expand the Kingdom

  • Regional Gathering Events

  • Worship

  • Fellowship

  • Explore & Demonstrate the Prophetic

  • Regional Connections and Influence

  • Balance risk taking and excellence in all areas of life- character development, relationships & revelation



 Keith Ferrante's Immersion Curriculum


Each lesson includes: 

                  Theological Foundations,

                  Gifting Teaching,

                  Character Teaching       


First Year Topics:

                  Prophesying as a Prophet

                 Prophets Bring the Kingdom

                 Prophets in Heavenly Places

                 Understanding who you are as a Prophet

                 Training the Public Voice of the Prophet

                 Community of Prophets

Second Year Topics:

                   Emerging Prophets - How to Discover Your Identity

                   Emerging Prophets - Processing Your Prophetic Words

                   Emerging Prophets - Discovering Your Metron​

Calendar of Events

Gathering of the Eagles

July 31 - Aug 2


PROPHETIC, WORSHIP, and PRESENCE! Join us and guest speakers Matt Gonzales, Drew Neal, 

and Mary Forsythe. Get more information and sign up at

Our Coaches


Bill & Kathy Johnson

As a 30 year Elder of Trinity Fellowship Church, Bill is the father and founder of TFC Prophetic. He is a model father in every sense of the word. As an elder of Trinity Fellowship Church, Amarillo, TX, he has served in many roles, but especially as a Prophet and prophetic trainer. For over 20 years, Bill has trained thousands of prophetic sons and daughters who have had a far-reaching impact at local, regional and national levels.  His steadiness and integrity have become the plumb line for prophetic authenticity and character. His undying vision for prophetic culture and community has been instrumental in creating an unparalleled TEAM ministry environment.

Pastor Kathy Johnson has discovered, trained and mentored prophetic ministers in their identity, gifting and calling.  These ministers have been released across the globe, and are pioneering healthy, Spirit-led communities within nations and cultures.  Kathy is a master teacher and walks in a dynamic leadership role. Much like the Olympic torch bearers, Kathy has carried the fire of the Holy Spirit from generation to generation, and protected the integrity of the prophetic office. She has championed countless people through genuine and enduring love.

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